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A better workout in 14 minutes AKA how to look a fool in public

Thank the good Lord that I have found an alternative to jogging. I try – oh how I try – to hit the gym and get a good run in. But I suck at it. I get short of breath, get fatigued quickly, and generally dislike jogging (I get motion sickness when I try to watch TV while running). Today, I read an article that stated that jogging is too damaging to the body to use as a form of excercise when there are alternatives. Since sprinting requires more force and a greater range of motion than jogging, it’s more metabolically demanding. Also, a combination of sprinting and walking increases metabolism better than simple jogging.

Also, sprinting requires more fuel than jogging, which is better for those who want to slim down. When training for body composition, you want to make movements as inefficient (and inherently difficult) as possible. As with any movement, the more you jog, the more efficient you become at it, and the longer you need to run to trigger the same response. So, here’s the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that they recommended:

The Tabata interval program is performed four days a week in accordance with the following protocol:

  • 10-minute warm-up at 50 percent max effort
  • 20 seconds max effort
  • 10 seconds rest
  • Repeat 2:1 cycle eight times

Now I can do this. And if you add the time up, thats only 14 minutes! So much more doable than an hour in the gym.

However, we run in to the next problem– If you are constantly sprinting and walking on the treadmill, you’re going to get some weird looks. (I totally stared at the girl doing lunges on the treadmill…it was weird.) So the obvious alternative is to do this outside. But I will have to push through the stares pf passersby and try to stick with this. For you information sponges, here is the full article on this method of HIIT.

Happy Sprinting!