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A better workout in 14 minutes AKA how to look a fool in public

Thank the good Lord that I have found an alternative to jogging. I try – oh how I try – to hit the gym and get a good run in. But I suck at it. I get short of breath, get fatigued quickly, and generally dislike jogging (I get motion sickness when I try to watch TV while running). Today, I read an article that stated that jogging is too damaging to the body to use as a form of excercise when there are alternatives. Since sprinting requires more force and a greater range of motion than jogging, it’s more metabolically demanding. Also, a combination of sprinting and walking increases metabolism better than simple jogging.

Also, sprinting requires more fuel than jogging, which is better for those who want to slim down. When training for body composition, you want to make movements as inefficient (and inherently difficult) as possible. As with any movement, the more you jog, the more efficient you become at it, and the longer you need to run to trigger the same response. So, here’s the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that they recommended:

The Tabata interval program is performed four days a week in accordance with the following protocol:

  • 10-minute warm-up at 50 percent max effort
  • 20 seconds max effort
  • 10 seconds rest
  • Repeat 2:1 cycle eight times

Now I can do this. And if you add the time up, thats only 14 minutes! So much more doable than an hour in the gym.

However, we run in to the next problem– If you are constantly sprinting and walking on the treadmill, you’re going to get some weird looks. (I totally stared at the girl doing lunges on the treadmill…it was weird.) So the obvious alternative is to do this outside. But I will have to push through the stares pf passersby and try to stick with this. For you information sponges, here is the full article on this method of HIIT.

Happy Sprinting!


On eating naked. A memoir.

Last summer, as I pursued my fitness goals I would try to fit in little workouts wherever I could. One such time was directly after work and before my sons’ baseball game. They were with their dad and I had an hour or so where I could get in some cardio.

I hustled home and changed into shorts and a tank top and took off jogging to a local park with a trail. Summer here in Missouri is hot and humid. Unless you are sitting in a creek, it is pretty miserable.

I get back home drenched in sweat and jump into the shower. I get out and I’m still overheated, so I don’t dress yet. I don’t want to get sweaty again. I’m hungry and a multi-tasker, so while I continue to cool off, I go into the kitchen and grab whatevers at hand. A clementine (like a small orange). As I hurredly stand in the kitchen and peel the clementine, I start tossing wedges of fruit in my mouth as I go.

Until I begin to choke.

I don’t know about you, but choking is a scary thing. When you are alone, its terrifying.

My thoughts start racing. “I can’t breathe. Should I throw myself over a chair? Is this really happening? Man…my family is going to think I’m so weird when they find my dead body because I choked on a clementine while naked. Will they mistake this for some kind of fetish?”

As you can surmise, I survived the choking situation. I lived to attend my sons’ baseball game. And I can assure you that I eat only when dressed these days.

Running outdoors will kill you

After a winter of hammering out 5k’s left and right on the treadmill in the gym, I ventured out into the sunshine today with the intention of running 5 kilometers. Got my running tights on, my Mumford and Sons t-shirt on– to impress everyone with my incredible music taste, my Under Armour sunglasses (to disguise me so as to avoid the “I saw you having a seizure on Morse Park trail the other day” conversation). Even had my iPod in a sweet lil arm band thingy. Like a pro.

The 5k didn’t happen. I struggled through 2.5 miles (4 km) running only a quarter of that before becoming so fatigued, I started dragging my toes and increasing my likelihood of slamming face first into the ground about 500%. And oh the shinsplints. Also, how do you not get tangled in your own headphone cord when swinging your arms?

In short, outdoor running is unreasonably hard. Why was everything more difficult?! I even had to carry my car key in my sports bra. I’m pretty sure I have a permanent key print on my boob. Even after I’ve been on this couch netflixing for a good 3 hours.

Maybe I should take Larry the Dog so every time I am doubled over catching my breath, I’ll just pet him and everyone will think I’m a super great pet owner and not so out of shape that I’m trying not to collapse. I welcome your suggestions.