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To the Woman Behind Me in Line at the Grocery Store

REBLOG: The Midwest is just the Best

My Patronus Is Coffee

Dear woman behind me in line at the grocery store,

You don’t know me. You have no clue what my life has been like since October 1, 2013. You have no clue that my family has gone through the wringer. You have no clue that we have faced unbelievable hardship. You have no clue we have been humiliated, humbled, destitute.
You have no clue I have cried more days than not; that I fight against bitterness taking control of my heart. You have no clue that my husband’s pride was shattered. You have no clue my kids have had the worries of an adult on their shoulders. You have no clue their innocence was snatched from them for no good reason. You know none of this.

What you do know is I tried to buy my kids some food and that the EBT machine was down so I couldn’t buy…

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Minimalism, Continued

Saturday, I summoned some inner motivation and jumped back on the Minimalist bandwagon and went through some remaining kitchen cabinets, the freezers, and medicine cabinet. Despite all my intentions to be all naturally healthy and shit, I have a tendency to purchase vitamins and herbal supplements only to let them sit in the medicine cabinet and expire. Not only is this expensive, it doesn’t help me in the least.

During one health streak, I purchased several things from GNC during a big sale and encountered them in this expedition. Painfully, I tossed long expired items and lamented the money I had spent on them. Then, I put the items I wanted to remember to take on a daily basis and put them in a basket next to my Keurig, where I stand for a good two minutes each morning awaiting my life-giving coffee. Now, I will hopefully remember to take my vitamins and all that daily.

Next, I inventoried my freezer. Again, I painfully either tossed or fed Larry the Dog the freezer burnt meats. I set some out to thaw for meals this week. My older son is ill today so I actually put a bunch of the meat on the smoker to have ready for meals this week. For the curious, this is the cookbook I use for smoking meat, as I am a novice. All of the recipes have been really great so far inspiring my younger son to declare my BBQ Pulled Pork as the best in the world. And that’s saying something, we eat a lot of barbecue. Seriously.

Back to whatever I did on Saturday…as I went through the medicine cabinet, one particular garlic supplement expired in 2006. That’s right, people..I’ve been dragging old garlic around for 8 years and I’ve moved like three or four times since then.

Don’t judge me.

After debating upon blog names for several weeks, I ignored my inner perfectionist (as usual) and chose at random today. And so begins my online sharing of the inner workings of my awkward, sometimes witty, but generally entertaining parade of daily adventures.