Brownie in a Mug. Oh yes.

So tonight I made the legendary Brownie in a Mug that I’ve seen pinned time and time again. With a few changes. Walk with me…

In place of dairy milk I used soy milk. Only because I bought some and the use by date is coming up quickly. I also used dark chocolate chips instead of milk chocolate. Because that’s healthier. And that’s exactly what brownies are about is health. I also used only 2 Tbsp of oil.

Looking good…

Ooh looks like brownie batter!

Ok– a little spongey but the texture isn’t too bad. With ice cream it would be pretty spectacular.
I don’t have any ice cream, so I throw a marshmallow on top of the next mug. 20140408-202323.jpg
All in all, a successful pin. And definitely great for us singles when we start craving something sweet! Ok Pinterest, I’m on the road to trusting you again…


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