Pinterest is slightly misleading

Abraham Lincoln once famously said, “Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.” And it’s true. Let’s focus on Pinterest for a moment.

Like most women, I pin things to encourage me to be healthier, a better homemaker, and to be more stylish. None of which really ever happen. But I continue to be hopeful.

One evening, I decide to go ahead and make something I had seen pinned multiple times– homemade makeup. Makeup is so expensive and full of awful toxins, dontcha know? I hear anyway.

Regardless, I gather my ingredients:
Cocoa powder, arrowroot powder, green French clay, and some different finely ground spices to try to get a natural tone out of the translucent powder.

I mix the powders, like a mad scientist, testing and retesting on my skin. I sample it. Looks pretty good. Maybe makes me look a little dirty but that will probably improve when I’m tan. It’s a sacrifice for natural living, right? Here is the result:


Looks dark in this light, but it’s actually a pretty close match. I think it will stretch my current powder well if I combine them. Onto step two!

At this point, you can mix the powder with facial moisturizer to make a tinted moisturizer, which I wear a lot. So, I mix em up and it seems pretty dark. But sometimes my tinted moisturizer does too and it blends in just fine. I proceed.

At this point, obviously I am ignoring some law of physics or chemistry that states anything wet is darker than dry. I mean…duh. I smear it on anyway. You be the judge.


I should’ve listened to Abraham Lincoln.


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