Nevermind, Mom…just give the phone to Cindy

So I called my parents’ business to talk to my sister, Cindy. Yeah, we are all close knit like that. We’ve all worked for my parents at some point. It isn’t pleasant. Anywho, my mom answers.

Let’s back up, my mother isn’t technology smart. Bless her heart, she once called me and asked how to open a file on the computer and when I told her to double-click on the file name, she asked me what “double-click” meant.

But my mom loves to feel cool. I figured I would bring up my awesome new blog as well as give my mother an opportunity for hip-ness.

So I said to her, “Hey mom! Wanna sound cool? Turn to Cindy and say ‘Have you read Laura’s blog?’ and then talk about how much you love it!”

My mother, ready to rack up some cool points, turns to my sister and says, “Have you read Laura’s log? I love it!”.



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