Lunchtime Cabinet Session!

Nerdier words never were spoken. Yes– I went home and went through a few cabinets to toss expired things and make a list of what I have (an inventory, if I may). This way, I can plan my meals around what I have and save money and stop THROWING AWAY SO MUCH FOOD! Here’s a pic of the trash halfway through:


Pretty bad, but here’s the oldest thing I’ve found (so far). HINT: the current year is 2014.


I know, pretty bad. But it was white wine vinegar. I’m not much of a cook and you can’t drink it, so I didn’t need that mess anyway! Even LarryBones seemed disappointed in me. 😦


As I ate my Beef Stroganoff with Peas leftovers (frickin deliciousness), I pondered upon my other cabinets…how much food will go to waste? How much money am I throwing away?! To be continued…


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